ATM Card Fraud

ATM card fraud has been on the rise and fraudsters continue to find new ways to capture your card and PIN. A recent article from the CU Times reports on a credit union in Raleigh, NC who has discovered thieves are taking skimming to a new level. The article states, “According to the credit union and law enforcement sources, a group of thieves has been using gasoline pumps, particularly those at high-traffic service stations, as skimming sites.”

Thieves are inserting devices to capture your card and some are going as far as installing cameras to capture your PIN as you enter it. The article notes that high traffic gas stations are targeted.

When you’re using your ATM/Debit card for gasoline transactions, be sure to use your opposite hand to cover the PIN pad as you enter your PIN just to be safe. The article also recommends using service stations that are not as busy or choose a pump within view of the service station’s office.

In the unlikely event that your card does get captured, don’t give anyone your PIN who might try to offer help. Sometimes those are the fraudsters trying to obtain your information. Don’t give your PIN to anyone. If your card is taken, contact your financial institution immediately to be sure you put a lock on your account.

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Sophisticated Gas Pump Skimming Thieves Are Filling Up Their Wallets

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