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Message from the President

April 2015

Fellow Member-Owners:

We live in a complex world...including our personal and household finances! Whether you’re buying a car or a home, or just managing day-to-day household expenses, seems we’re faced with a dizzying array of choices.

As your credit union, we advise folks to “stick to the basics.” Never use credit for day-to-day expenses (unless you can pay your balance in full each month). Limit borrowing to major expenses, and borrow only what you can repay without straining your household finances. The main objective with any debt (including credit cards) should be to pay it off as quickly as possible.

For major purchases, take the time to research both the item and the financing. It’s critical to have a basic understanding of both before agreeing anything. Remember, the excitement will wear off long before the payments are completed!

Finally, monitor and manage your deposit accounts carefully, especially your checking account. An occasional overdraft can cost plenty in fees and charges. Use our free online and mobile banking apps to keep close track of your balances, and always keep in mind any checks you may have written that have not yet cleared your account.

Using these approaches can help navigate the complex financial world.

Bradley W. Beal
Bradley W. Beal
President and CEO