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Message from the President

April 2014

Doing Even More For You!

We’ve been working hard to deliver even more benefits for our members! Here are a few examples:

2.99% First Mortgage Loans: If you have good credit and equity in your home, you may qualify for our special 15-year mortgage loan, with rates as low as 2.99%! And, the rate is fixed for the entire 15-year term. These loans are available for both refinance and new home purchases. Please contact us for more information.

1.99% Auto Loans: For members with good credit and newer vehicles, our 1.99% rate is good for terms up to 60 months. And even if your credit isn’t perfect, we have a great rate for you. Call, click or visit to apply. If you’re purchasing a car, or are paying a higher rate on an existing car loan with another lender, this may be an opportunity to save big!

Cash back on VISA® debit and credit card purchases: With a One Nevada debit or credit card, you can receive cash back on purchases made with either card. Why not earn extra money on the day-to-day transactions you perform anyway? For more information, please call, click or visit your local branch today.

Thanks for being a member of One Nevada! We’ll keep working to provide the best deals possible for you!

Important disclosures: Mortgage rate is accurate as of 4/1/14 and is subject to change. Not all members will qualify for lowest rate. FICO minimum – 740, primary residences only, follow standard Fannie Mae underwriting, maximum loan amount – $417,000, LTV max – 70% , DTI max – 45%. Other programs available up to 95% LTV. Payment example: if you choose a $200,000 15-year fixed mortgage loan at 2.99% (3.062% APR), with loan to value (LTV) of 70%, you would make 180 payments of $1,380.20. Auto rate quoted as annual percentage rate and quoted "as low as." Not all members will qualify for lowest rate. Loans subject to standard DMV titling fees. Payment example at 1.99% APR: 36 monthly payments of $29.07 per $1,000 borrowed. Account features and fees are subject to change. Earn 0.5% cash back on signature-based transactions on your account each month. PIN-based transactions do not qualify for cash back rewards. You can claim your cash back credit to your account each month through online banking.

Bradley W. Beal
Bradley W. Beal
President and CEO