Message from the President

August 2017


Election season is upon us, which means the next session of Congress and the Nevada Legislature is not far behind.

Your credit union pays careful attention to the election process, both federal and state, to identify candidates who support credit unions and their member-owners as consumers. Your right to participate in a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative credit union is of paramount importance to us, and we monitor the political process to assure that right is not impaired.

We also actively monitor proposed legislation which may affect credit unions and their members, in both Congress and the Nevada Legislature. We meet as needed with various legislators in both Carson City and Washington D.C., to be sure the voices of credit unions and their member-owners are heard, and that consumers will continue to enjoy access to low-cost financial services.

We encourage you all to vote for the candidates of your choice, and consider their positions on financial issues that may affect you.

Thank you for your membership.

Bradley W. Beal
Bradley W. Beal
President and CEO