Message from the President

November 2015


We are continuing our efforts to provide you with superior financial services. We’ve recently added a number of enhancements.

Many consumers have found that the automobile loan they obtained from other lenders is needlessly overpriced. We’ve been working hard to help folks refinance those loans. Our auto loan rates are as low as 1.99%. So far this year, we have refinanced over $30 million in vehicle loans, saving those members countless dollars. What’s more, we’ve made the process even easier and faster. Call our contact center or stop by any branch for more information.

We’ve also recently made available new insurance products for your protection. Mechanical breakdown insurance relieves you of the risk of major car repairs. GAP insurance covers the difference between your car’s value and the loan balance, in the event your vehicle is totaled in an accident. Debt cancellation will repay your loan in the event of death, disability or involuntary unemployment.

We’ve also recently upgraded our website and online banking products. Among other improvements, both are now more compatible with mobile devices. We’re working on other product enhancements and brand new products. Stay tuned for further announcements!

Thanks for being a member of One Nevada!

Bradley W. Beal
Bradley W. Beal
President and CEO