Green Means More to Us Than Money

Money isn’t the only thing that is green at One Nevada Credit Union. Our members and employees have been increasing our efforts to help us become a more eco-friendly financial institution. We believe that it’s the “little things” that add up and over the past few years we stepped up our conservation efforts of paper, electricity, water, fuel and recycled office supplies… see below.

You can help! If every American signed up for online statements, the money saved could send 17,000 students to college. If every American just paid their credit card bills online, it would save $2 billion a year. (Source: The Green Book, Three Rivers Press, NY, 2007.) Do your part. Sign up for E-Statements now.

Member Efforts

  • 70,991 members use E-Statements saving approximately 1,874,162 pieces of paper and 851,892 envelopes per year.
  • 74,674 members use our SilverLink Online Banking services, decreasing branch visits and the gasoline to get there.
  • 38,310 members use Online Bill Pay. Active users paid 975,238 bills in 2015, saving approximately $477,866.62 in stamps.
  • 120,128 mobile check deposits were made using our mobile app in 2015, saving that many trips to an ATM or branch, the paper that would have been used for receipts as well as the gas to get to a branch.

Company Efforts

  • In 2015, ONCU recycled 119,864 lbs of paper documents including documents that were shredded at two community wide ONCU shred events. This helped save 1,019 trees / 22,774 gallons of water / 287,674 kilowatts of energy / 5,993 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • Much of our direct marketing mail is printed on paper from sustainable forests. Visit the Forest Stewardship Council at
  • We’ve eliminated paper employment applications; our HR hiring process is now entirely automated.
  • We’ve implemented a new E-Notice program. Members with a valid e-mail address on file now receive important account notices electronically.
  • We’ve installed motion detector light switches in public areas that are not in constant use. We also placed reminder stickers on light switches reminding people to turn off lights when not needed.
  • Older lighting has been replaced with energy efficient bulbs in our branches and corporate offices for an annual cost savings of 30%.
  • Low-flow toilets are in use throughout the credit union to conserve more water than previous models.
  • Real estate owned by the credit union has been converted to desert landscaping.
  • Aerators are now utilized on faucets throughout the credit union to conserve water.
  • Company vehicles are serviced regularly per factory specifications to reduce emissions into the air and to promote better fuel economy.
  • We’ve started an office supply sharing program throughout the credit union in 2009. We are able to recycle some office supplies and cut expenses by sharing extra materials with other departments saving us hundreds of dollars in office supplies.
  • We donate our old computer servers to Las Vegas community groups instead of throwing them away.
  • We’ve recycled 1,900 pounds of copper and 700 pounds of lead acid batteries.