28 Ways to Save Challenge

28 Ways To Save (Time & Money)

Follow @OneNevada on Twitterfor the money-saving challenge of the day. Enter by posting a picture of yourself completing the challenge and use our handle @OneNevada and the hashtag #ONCU28.

At the end of the month, one winner will be chosen to win a $500 Visa gift card. The follower who completes the most of the 28 challenges will be named the winner. In the event there are multiple followers who complete the same number of challenges, one follower will be picked at random to win a $500 Visa gift card. You don’t need to complete every challenge, but the more you do the better your chances of winning!
Check back here every day in case you miss a post. You don’t have to complete the challenge on the day it was posted! The winner is the person who completes the most of the challenge (not 28 of the same challenge!). Click here for official rules and details.

Day 1
28 Ways Challenge: Skip the designer coffee. Take a photo of your home-brewed coffee. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 2
28 Ways Challenge: Snap a photo of yourself reusing grocery bags at the store. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 3
28 Ways Challenge: Post a pic enjoying leftovers instead of going out to eat. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 4
28 Ways Challenge: Cozy up to a photo of turning the thermostat down 2 degrees. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 5
28 Ways Challenge: Show us that you took the bus, carpooled or used another form of inexpensive transportation. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 6
28 Ways Challenge: Stay hydrated! Tweet a pic of your reusable water bottle. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 7
28 Ways Challenge: Share a shot of you buying in bulk from a warehouse or other retailer. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 8
28 Ways Challenge: Capture yourself consigning—either shopping or selling! Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 9
28 Ways Challenge: Post a pic of you making a charitable donation: items or money. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 10
28 Ways Challenge: Show us you’re running multiple errands in one trip to save on time & gas. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 11
28 Ways Challenge: Boast about how you blended your own smoothie at home. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 12
28 Ways Challenge: Whistle while you save! Post a pic of your brown-bagged lunch. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 13
28 Ways Challenge: Give the cleaners the day off & post a pic while cleaning your house. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 14
28 Ways Challenge: Treat yourself to a movie that you rented. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 15
28 Ways Challenge: Show us you will continue saving by setting up a budget. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 16
28 Ways Challenge: Save green & trees. Show us renting a book from the library. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 17
28 Ways Challenge: Show us how you’ve saved on your cable, cell or other utility bill Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 18
28 Ways Challenge: Show us savings. Tweet a pic from the ATM or using mobile deposit. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 19
28 Ways Challenge: Get creative! Post a pic cooking dinner at home. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 20
28 Ways Challenge: Sip your own home brew, instead of the expensive stuff. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 21
28 Ways Challenge: Save stamps and late fees, pay your pills online. Post a pic and Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 22
28 Ways Challenge: Save gas and green! Show us a screen shot using mobile check deposit. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 23
28 Ways Challenge: Team up! Run your errands with a friend today! Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 24
28 Ways Challenge: Clip and post: Show us a pic of you clipping or using a coupon. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 25
28 Ways Challenge: Stay on track & tweet us a pic of how your budget is coming along. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 26
28 Ways Challenge: Reward yourself with savings. Post a pic of a rewards or savings card. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

Day 27
28 Ways Challenge: What’s for lunch today? Show us that you brought your own today. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28
Day 28
28 Ways Challenge: Share your latest money-saving find. Photo optional today. Tag @OneNevada and use #ONCU28

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